In October, we set up and tested VisualMedia’s prototype in our A3 Studio at RTVE Torrespaña. To start with, we configured each of the sub-systems separately: application for mobiles and tablets, Social Media Engine, Graphics Engine, tracking and gestures recognition engines. All of them needed improvements in some features and we also detected bugs what produced we were working and we are still working hard with each developer through Redmine and in situ to comply with RTVE requirements.

As we set up our systems at final of October (even with some arrangements to do) we began to test the whole system. There were some problems among subsystems but finally we reached that all these elements were working as one, with limitations because it is a prototype but even so we were able to record the 3 levels of complexity and all developers were told to improve the issues we detected.

It has been an amazing month due to the challenges we have been involved.

Text: Jaume Asensio – RTVE