Next June, there is an unavoidable appointment for all the professionals involved in Broadcasting,  2017´s  Edition of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for television and online video is held in The Netherlands.  VisualMedia project will be present in two different ways, on the one hand, organising and chairing an interesting workshop on Interactive Digital Storytelling in Broadcasting to discuss the latest innovations on this subject and the latest outcomes resulting from VisualMedia initiative.

On the other hand, the technological partners involved in VisualMedia, that is, Never.No, NTNU, IRT and Brainstorm Multimedia,  have also submitted a paper within this Conference with the main goal of delving into the grounds of our project and how this type of innovations may revolutionize the concept of television as it is known nowadays.

Please, don´t miss the opportunity to join us within this interesting event and sign up for, if you haven´t done it yet!