The project website and the social media channels will be the main point of reference to showcase all development of Visualmedia
which will be in line with the project approach. Navigating the site, visitors will be able to get a clear and up to date overview about the progress of this initiative. The website has been conceived to provide useful information regarding the project scope, the partners involved, the different members of the Advisory Group, a list with those organisations engaged in the on-line community which are eager to know forthcoming outcomes, the latest news and agenda events, appearance in mass media and above all, the public outcomes resulting from the project development. So, do not hesitate to periodically visit the website to get up-to-date with the  project´s progress.

But that´s not all, VisualMedia will also be making noise on key Social Networks. From now on, you will be able to follow us on:

  • Twitter: @VisualMedia2020
  • Facebook:

YouTube Channel and LinkedIn page coming soon.