The most important event in the broadcast world is just around the corner, NAB 2017 takes place next week in Las Vegas and VisualMedia couldn´t afford to miss the opportunity of being there!.

Counting with an attractive booth located in a privileged area, VisualMedia will be an important part in Brainstorm´s commercial display.  Not only, hourly live demo-shows will be performed in Brainstorm´s stand (SL4616) but also, within this stand, a pod especially devoted to VisualMedia has been designed where representatives from Never.No, NTNU and Brainstorm will be at visitors´ disposal to carry out personalised demos for those interested in delving into our pionnering solution. These two interactive strategies are expected to be very fruitful in order to catch the attention of unnumbered potential customers eager to discover the benefits that VisualMedia may offer.
On top of that, our CIAG members have been invited to come by and discover first-hand the project and the main progress achieved so far, with the main goal of discussing with them their first impressions about VisualMedia. Needless to say that, all that feedback will be of paramount importance in the future product release and its success.