The VisualMedia project and the social graphics prototype will be presented at the next IBC event taking place in September. On this occasion, Brainstorm has reserved dedicated space in its booth for promoting VisualMedia and running demos for relevant professionals in the broadcast sector. During IBC, we´ll have the pleasure of receiving most of the members of the Commercial Impact Advisory Group, who will be able to see for themselves what value VisualMedia adds to the broadcast industry.

Furthermore, demonstrations will be specifically address potential customers so that the event itself becomes the perfect stage for the promotion of the VisualMedia product that is expected to be launched commercially in 2018. All feedback gathered from the demo sessions will be considered in the refinement phase, widening the audience from just the project participants to also include external end-users.

IBC emerges as a great opportunity for growing our Community of Interest and creating a database with potential customers that can be used during the forthcoming commercialisation stage.