As the first year came to an end, #VisualMedia project was subject to the EC experts’ assessment. On 15th February, the meeting took place in the EC´s headquarters located in Brussels. The evaluation, which was coordinated by our Project Officer, Mr. Alberto Rabbachin, was carried out with the assistance of three independent experts: Ms. Barbara Zambrini, Developer Producer at BBC, Mr. Paul Moore, Business Development Manager for the BBC Account in Atos and Mr.João Magalhães, Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology in Universidade Nova de Lisboa and researcher at NOVA-LINCS (Laboratory for Informatics and Computer Science).

The review consisted on a presentation of the main results obtained so far, which verged basically on the requirements and needs definition exposed by the televisions participating in the Project, the system specifications extracted from those requirements and the necessary adaptations and developments to be done over the Social Media, the graphic and the second screen engines. On top of that, other horizontal activities carried out during the first reporting period such as those regarding dissemination and the design of the exploitation strategy for the resulting products were presented. With the purpose of making more understandable the technical developments achieved until that moment, a demo was conducted showing the first integration between the social media and the graphic engine as well as the one regarding the Social media and the second-screen engines

The experts showed special interest in the results obtained so far, providing valuable advice with regard to the final integration of the product and the most appropriate way of introduction into the market. Such constructive feedback will enable to conclude the project in the right direction and get a working #Visualmedia version by the end of the current year.

The next review will be held at the end of the project, in which the Consortia will be able to show the #Visualmedia solution fully operational and implemented in the six televisions participating in the project as end-users.