On 16 March 2016 VisualMedia was invited to take part in the Clustering Meeting of projects running in the Unit G1: Converging Media & Content. VisualMedia is, together with 5 other projects, an initiative recently approved under the Horizon 2020 programme. The meeting started with the InfoDay of the Call ICT-19-2017 followed by a poster session about the ongoing new projects of the Unit.

During the poster session we had the possibility to study potential synergies between VisualMedia and other projects, mainly focused on the second screen component. The feedback obtained from this poster session was highly enriching and VisualMedia caught the attention of several other initiatives´ representatives. After some interesting presentations about innovation, accessibility, standardisation and media privacy, Andrew Perkis from NTNU presented VisualMedia to the audience and in particular to the EC representatives and the other funded projects in the Call. We also had the opportunity to study the possible interconnection between these new projects and clustering possibilities.

That event gave us the opportunity to finally meet our Project Officer, Mr. Alberto Rabbachin face-to-face, with whom we could share impressions about the project itself and various technical and administrative issues.