Ever since the start of the EU-funded VisualMedia project in 2015, its project partners have been fully aware that ‘VisualMedia’ is a great acronym for a project but not for a commercial product. In the first year of the project, our priority was to design and develop the integrated product as defined in the VisualMedia project scope and less on commercial aspects like finding a suitable name for it. Now, with only six months left before decommissioning the project and after having completed the preliminary exploitation plan, we assessed the possibility of commercially branding the product that will from this project. After involving the marketing departments of the industry-leading technical partners and taking into account the outcome of an internal survey, it was agreed that the resulting product of the VisualMedia project would be named ‘OnMedia’. We are pleased to present this new product branding which will be incorporated in the commercial product portfolios of Brainstorm, never.no and Signum, i.e., the companies in charge of bringing OnMedia to the market.