Attendees of this year’s IBC Show in Amsterdam had the opportunity to see the latest developments of VisualMedia, an integrated ‘end to end’ solution for realtime 3D visualisation of social content with augmented gesture control. Brainstorm and showcased the preliminary interface of the product where editorial teams can gather and set up 3D dynamic graphics for real-time publishing and operator/presenter control.

IBC_Post_bodyThe VisualMedia demo attracted over 50 visitors who got a first-hand look at how to create visually engaging Social TV content. Visitors discovered how the solution gives broadcasters the ability to manage diverse social content, configure complex 3D environments in a simple web interface, moderate and edit content and then preview the output and publish into immersive 3D graphics.

The general feedback from visitors was that simplifying the connection between live dynamic content and the end Graphics Engine is massively important. In addition, the possibility to give the presenter augmented control over that published content really takes the interaction to another level. The unified interface for both graphics operators and producers/moderators significantly enhances the ability to use social content in live broadcasts which will ultimately result in better engagement and retention of audiences.’s CEO Scott Davies said “It was fantastic to speak to so many people who were clearly impressed with the flow and could see the benefit of an editorial operator being able to easily manage live social content as well as the graphical output and playout visualisations themselves in one easy interface.”

VisualMedia is part of the Europe 2020 Horizon framework programme, funded by the European Commission. The presence at IBC gave an insight into what the broadcast industry can look forward to upon the project’s commercial debut in January 2018.

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