Brainstorm and are proud to showcase VisualMedia at IBC 2017, a jointly developed, integrated solution to create visually engaging Social TV content based on social media feeds.

This solution is one of the developments resulting from both companies’ partnership as leaders of Project VisualMedia in the Europe 2020 Horizon framework programme. The project is funded by the European Commission, as a response to the needs of creative industries in the broadcast media sector. At the IBC Show, Brainstorm and will showcase an integrated solution to enhance the visual appearance of the data delivered from social media feeds, using real-time 3D rendering of those data-driven graphics to demonstrate a quick and easy way to present social media on TV.

Scott Davies, CEO of commented, “This goes far beyond the desirable requirement of live social data in visually dynamic TV formats, but also fundamentally provides a missing production flow in traditional broadcast environments. Whist visualisation is key, the ability for producers, journalists and editorial teams to collect, moderate and build visual formats in real-time where simple creative changes can be made in a single interface quickly and easily is something that is missing in the industry. Now with the VisualMedia solution, end to end social content management, customisation, and publishing to both 3D TV graphics as well as second screen environments can be achieved.”

“Brainstorm masters the presentation of advanced data-driven graphics for making the information display more appealing and immersive for audiences. VisualMedia brings the opportunity to apply our extensive experience in real-time 3D graphics on the representation of social media data provided by but from now on, including additional capabilities such as advanced tracking and gesture recognition systems in pursuit of a further realistic and engaging representation of social graphics in AR and RV environments” says Francisco Ibáñez, Brainstorm’s R&D Projects Director.