Nowadays, Romanian Television is a public institution that broadcasts on six different channels: TVR 1, TVR 2, TVR 3, TVR Moldova, TVR International and TVR Sport HD (channel that broadcasts in High Definition). TVR covers the most important news events nationwide through its five territorial studios: Cluj, Craiova, Iaşi, Timişoara, Tîrgu Mureş.

TVR is contributing as a Broadcast Partner to VisualMedia Project.

Sports News Show will be the first show produced in TVR’s virtual studio using VisualMedia. It will be a recorded show, 30 minutes weekly. The show targets audience is 16–80 years of age, but the main target is the young audience.

TVR Sports News Bulletins want to reinitiate a “sports culture” in Romania. TVR’s intentions are to be more active involved in a healthy way of life, through sport, starting from school.
We are seeing Romanian performers as models for the youngsters and as “teachers” for those who do not think about a healthy life.

In the new virtual studio, the sports news talent (standing) is introducing  the stories of the bulletin.

At the main stories of the day (1 or 2), the talent will introduce one of his colleagues (seated at a table with a guest) to talk about the most important themes of the day.

Using VisualMedia, viewers can be in permanent connection with the talents

  • audience can ask questions and generate new stories
  • polls about the main stories of the day

Interaction with the audience will

  • improve TVR’s guidelines for news reports
  • generate new stories
  • social media interaction – text, images, polls
  • receive suggestions for new shows

The Social Media Engine allows constant communication with audience. TVR will collect and use that content from social media (Facebook) for the show.

The Graphics Engine will display selected content from SME.

Through Online Distribution Engine TVR’s Twitter polls (#hashtag) will also be presented using 3D graphics.

Tracking Engine and Gesture Recognition. The talent can control and interact with simple hand movements the visual elements of the show.

TVR participation in Horizon 2020, VisualMedia is an experience from which we have a lot to learn and also a great opportunity to re-technology the production system. It’s a good way to keep a close network between broadcast partners.