Brainstorm & Never.No To Release OnMedia At The NAB Show

OnMedia is an end-to-end solution for managing virtual & augmented reality 3D graphics, […]

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OnMedia Showcase at CVMP

Following a competitive selection process, VisualMedia is invited to showcase OnMedia […]

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OnMedia Gesture Control Showcased At CVMP

The latest developments of OnMedia, a product developed from the Horizon 2020 project ‘VisualMedia’ have been showcased at CVMP. […]

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VisualMedia Consortium Launches OnMedia Brand

Ever since the start of the EU-funded VisualMedia […]

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First successful testing at TVR

The TVR team is delighted with the outcome and deliverable of the VisualMedia project. […]

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VisualMedia at the IBC Show

Attendees of this year’s IBC Show in Amsterdam had the opportunity to see the latest developments of VisualMedia […]

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VisualMedia ready for the IBC show!!

The VisualMedia project and the social graphics prototype will be presented at the next IBC event […]

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Workshop on Interactive Digital Storytelling in Broadcasting at the ACM TVX’17

VisualMedia partners NTNU, Brainstorm Multimedia, and organised the ‘Workshop on Interactive Digital Storytelling in Broadcasting’, […]

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VisualMedia Presented at the ACM TVX’17

VisualMedia project paper and poster were presented at the ACM TVX 2017 […]

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VisualMedia Training Days

VisualMedia project organised intensive four-day training at Brainstorm Multimedia […]

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