Brainstorm & Never.No To Release OnMedia At The NAB Show

OnMedia is an end-to-end solution for managing virtual & augmented reality 3D graphics, […]

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Hallingdølen is working alongside European media companies when developing a new way of integrating social media in online-TV

“At Hallingdølen, we have already gained a large audience for our video content. […]

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Camera Tracker Successfully Tested

After almost a year of prototype development, the University of Surrey successfully tested the camera tracker […]

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VisualMedia will be present at ACM International Conference

Next June, there is an unavoidable appointment for all the professionals involved in Broadcasting, […]

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SIGNUM Bildtechnik presented the Visual Media Project at the IBC Trade Show in Amsterdam

Signum Bildtechnik showcased the #VisualMedia Project at the biggest broadcast show in Europe, the IBC International Broadcast Convention. […]

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Paper accepted at NordiCHI

The paper ”Opportunities of Social Media in TV Broadcasting“ by Sebastian Arndt, Veli-Pekka Räty, Andrew Perkis was accepted […]

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First VisualMedia Newsletter

The VisualMedia Consortium launched its first Newsletter.  […]

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VisualMedia presentation in Unit G1 Clustering Meeting

On 16 March 2016 VisualMedia was invited to take part in the Clustering Meeting of projects running in the Unit G1: Converging Media & Content. VisualMedia is, together with 5 other projects, an initiative recently approved under the Horizon 2020 programme. The meeting started with the InfoDay of the Call ICT-19-2017 followed by a poster [...]

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VisualMedia Youtube Channel

This week VisualMedia announced the launch of its YouTube channel. The purpose of this channel will be to disseminate information about the projects vision, the various evolving possibilities and the development process. VisualMedia is a new way to present data from social media clearly arranged in an aggregated way. The advanced graphical presentation implies the [...]

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VisualMedia Website and Social Networks

The project website and the social media channels will be the main point of reference to showcase all development of Visualmedia […]

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