Signum Bildtechnik showcased the #VisualMedia Project at the biggest broadcast show in Europe, the IBC International Broadcast Convention. In addition to showing posters and flyers, Signum actively displayed #VisualMedia’s information and content on screens which enjoyed a lot of attention from the IBC’s visitors. Signum not only promoted the project but also showcased the process of how #VisualMedia will work from the social media information gathering and filtering up to the generation of graphics. Signum`s excellent booth location at the IBC with its close proximity to other broadcasting companies was the ideal basis for getting key influencers and opinion leaders in contact with the project. All of the Signum booth crew members are also members of the #VisualMedia Project. This enabled Signum to talk directly to prospects and answer their questions easily.
Besides, Brainstorm Multimedia promoted also #VisualMedia Project exhibiting a poster during the event.