Setanta Sports is a premium subscription sports broadcaster based in Dublin, Ireland.

Setanta Sports is taking-part in the Horizon 20:20 Visual Media Project consortium, contributing as a Broadcast Partner. Since taking delivery of the software and hardware in August, we have installed and integrated the various components and trained our internal technical team on the operational aspects of the system.

We have provided real-world feedback to the other consortium technical partners and requested specific software updates to allow us to better position and re-size the on-screen graphics independently of one another. These software updates have then been rolled-out to the other broadcast partners.

Uniquely as a consortium Broadcaster Partner, we have integrated our own third-party camera tracking system (Radamec) with the Visual Media solution. This will allow us and the consortium to demonstrate that the Visual Media system will not only work with the Camera Tracking systems developed as part of the project but also with other third-party camera tracking systems. This will help demonstrate the technical and commercial flexibility of the Visual Media solution.

Thus far, we have demonstrated that Visual Media 3D augmented-reality graphics can be inserted and realistically displayed in our virtual studio environments, with graphics maintaining their position even when the camera is moved, panned, tilted and zoomed. We have produced test video outputs of these Visual Media graphics being displayed.

In the next couple of weeks, we plan to record actual real studio output with one of our on-screen presenters who will introduce and comment on the graphics, as they appear on-screen.

Our near-term plans are to test and use the gesture recognition system to investigate if it can be ‘slickly’ used in a real-world production environment.

Long-term our objective is to fully integrate the Visual Media system into our existing production workflows so that we have a seamless end-to-end system capable of searching & filtering social media content and rapidly generating 3D visual graphics that can be displayed on-screen within our live studio shows.

Setanta Sports aim to use the Visual Media system on our in-house studio programming. This generally consists of live studio segments wrapped-around live football matches. These studio segments are made-up of Pre-game match build-up, Half-time match discussion and Post-game match analysis. During these segments, we will be requesting viewer feedback and interaction through common social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and inviting our viewers to take-part in live polls.

We anticipate that the use of the Visual Media system, will greatly enhance the interaction between our presenters/guests and our viewers, thereby increasing viewer participation. We also expect to garner increased participation amongst younger ‘millennial’ viewers who are more familiar with using social media.

Text: Mark Pilkington