Setanta Sports is a premium subscription sports broadcaster based in Dublin, Ireland.

setanta-champions-league-2015Our company is taking-part in the Horizon 2020 Visual Media Project consortium, contributing as a Broadcast Partner.

Setanta currently display viewer’s social media posts as visual graphics in their broadcast programming. However, this is a slow, highly manual, cumbersome and laborious process.

Setanta Sports are delighted to be taking part in this consortium. Our objectives are to speed-up, simplify, automate and improve the workflow associated with searching for, categorizing, moderating, filtering and displaying rich social media content from multiple sources (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS, Email, etc.).


At present, we use multiple disparate products from different vendors. Unifying the workflow in one single system will revolutionise our ability to quickly display relevant time-sensitive 3D augmented-reality graphics.

We are very excited about integrating the additional Visual Media tools being developed by the consortium, into our Studio Production environment. These tools include:

  • Camera Tracking, allowing 3D augmented-reality graphics to be inserted and realistically displayed in our studio environments, with graphics maintaining their position even when the camera is moved, panned, tilted and zoomed.
  • Gesture Recognition, permitting the presenter to interact with 3D augmented-reality graphics, by causing them to appear, disappear, rotate, move, etc. using specific hand gestures recognised by LEAP motion and KINETIC hand-tracking technology.
  • Online Distribution Tool, facilitating the easy, uncomplicated, automated publishing of social media content and viewer poll-results to a specific company webpage.

Setanta Sports aim to test and use the Visual Media system on their in-house studio programming. This generally consists of live studio segments wrapped-around live football matches. These studio segments are made-up of Pre-game match build-up, Half-time match discussion and Post-game match analysis. During these segments, we will be requesting viewer feedback and interaction through common social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and inviting our viewers to take-part in live polls. Specific functionality that we plan to use is:

  • Viewer polls with augmented-reality 3D pie & bar charts.
  • Selfie photo images of viewers in team shirts superimposed onto the faces of a 3D cube graphic.
  • Tongue-In-Check ‘Mean Tweets’ directed at Presenter and Guests.

We anticipate thaSetanta_2t the use of the Visual Media system, will greatly enhance the interaction between our presenters/guests and our viewers, thereby increasing viewer participation. We also expect to garner increased participation amongst younger ‘millennial’ viewers who are more familiar with using social media.


Text and Photos: Mark Pilkington – Setanta Sports