Official Website of VisualMedia Project with useful information regarding the project and the main public outcomes.

The purpose of this document is to detail the way in which the VisualMedia consortium partners will work during the course of the project.

This deliverable aims to plan the set of actions that will be carried out within the project to raise awareness of the objectives, activities and especially the results achieved during the project lifespan.

This document provides the protocol of actions to be implemented in order to collect data on user requirements concerning VisualMedia

This deliverable documents the consortium’s approach to managing and extending the Commercial Impact Advisory Group (CIAG). It includes the activities to be carried out by the CIAG during the course of the project.

This deliverable “Commercial exploitation and Business Strategy Baseline” defines the commercial exploitation strategy baseline which will guide the business planning process.

This deliverable “User Requirements Definition” details a range of user requirements which will feed into the VisualMedia platform specification.

Based on the user requirements detailed on D2.2, this document details the Visual Media system specifications, its capabilities, its architecture and the responsible for each concrete functionality, providing this way the required input for the developments in WP3.

This deliverable determines the different typology of data that is being generated within the project and the general policy of data management to be followed in VisualMedia.

This deliverable identifies the existing workflows in broadcast environments, the best strategy for the integration of VisualMedia modules or subsystems into these workflows, and their required adaptations and optimizations to make this integration possible.

The development work on the Social Media Engine for supporting the VisualMedia-specific use cases is specified in this deliverable. Integration between the Social media engine and its neighbouring VisualMedia components is described in this report.

This document presents the beta release of the Graphics Engine and the required developments that led to its completion. It describes its modules, the integration design with other parts of the system and the involved communication protocols.

This deliverable describes the workflow developed for tracking pan-tilt-zoom cameras, as a part of WP4T1.

This deliverable describes the markerless and the marker-based camera trackers developed under WP4T1, and the communication protocol between the trackers and the graphics engine.

This prototype will include both the interaction tools and the plane-based region tracker and will integrate them with the camera tracker and with the graphics engine.

This document presents the results of the Task 5.3 Questionnaires and Templates for Data Collection (M16-M17). The task involves creating a consistent verification and validation procedure at each of the six user sites which will be employed during the Task 5.4 Test Sessions and Data Collection (M16-M24).

This document summarizes the main results of the validation process.

This deliverable presents the methodology to be used to refine the VisualMedia prototype with
the feedback obtained during the validation phase to obtain the commercial version of VisualMedia.

This document is a descriptive document of the actual demonstrator deliverable, the VisualMedia Commercial Release.

This report presents the newsletters created during the project lifetime

This document is a summary of the promotional actions carried out by the members of the consortia in search of advertising VisualMedia as well as reaching the maximum would‐be customers possible.

This document determines the different typology of data that is being generated within the project and the general policy of data management to be followed.