The open doors day started with a tour of our studio, this being also the place where in 1989 the Romanian anti communist revolution was broadcasted. The tour was followed by demo reel about the Visual Media project (VM) and TV shows produced using VM. Our guest were divided in smaller teams for the hands on demonstration session. Our technical team explained to them the philosophy and functionalities of the studio from setting up lights for the chromakey, to camera setup for tracking, gesture calibration to building a virtual studio in our 3d softwares and importing it to Infinity Set.

The final step was implementing news feed from social media into an augmented reality – a 3d box with news, hovering near the tv show presenter. Because we wanted to offer an immersive and complete experience, our guests in turns changed roles from cameraman, editor, social media researcher and finally as talent presenting the news. All the demos were done in real-time.

Our visitors were surprised to discover that the studio which broadcasted in ‘89 the revolution, in the present is used for a technological revolution in television. Because our guests mainly were from the Jurnalism University and Movie and Multimedia University, the feedback received was very diverse. On the journalism side, students and teachers were surprised by the easy way to include news from social media, in a real time – live environment, and the positive impact in can have on news broadcasting.

On the movie and multimedia side, people were impressed with the creative ways virtual reality can be used in live shows, some of them had to be convinced that the renderings are real time. All our guests were hopeful to see the further development of the Visual Media project.