We made an Open doors days of Visual Media project last 28th and 29th of November (Mondays and Tuesdays is when the El Tiempo studio is less used to produce programs and more convenient for visits, it is reason why we chose those days).

Then, 28th we were calibrating the whole system in the morning and we began to received visitors in the afternoon and full day 29th November too.

To show the VisualMedia system we began at the studio where the visitor could make a photo through App and send it to the Social Media Engine. Later we used this engine to include photo in the poll of the day and the visitor could vote their photo. Moreover the visitor could see how photos (including the one she/ he had made) appear at PROGRAM. After this process we guide the visitor to the set where their could practice with the gestures recognition system.

In general people were glad to check the level of automation of Visual Media, the process from App designed to RTVE to the Set.