Open Doors day was quite a challenge for BlueSky. There were conflicting opinions on who will make the best audience for such an event. Would it be fellow broadcasters active in the periphery or even outside Athens? Maybe producers of shows or even journalists? Who could be the best ambassador for both the product and the organisation launching it for the first time in the Greek market?

After long discussions the verdict was: There is no better audience than the journalists who struggle to make an impression on the public view.

But who amongst the journalists? The incumbents in political analysis? The anchor-men and anchor-women of the television or just the white-collars of information? Recently, there is a new reality forming in Greece: broadcasters set up their own schools (private) of journalism and TV and Radio production studies. We tend to believe that VisualMedia is the tool to be taught to the new generations destined for a future in television.

The open day was held on the 27th of December due to lack of any academic activities during the festive season, hence an event accommodation on people’s schedules was much easier.

The attendees were very pleased to see new tools that master the social media in an easily handled way. Representatives from both schools agreed that VisualMedia worth to be taught as today’s state of the art.