For the Open Door Day at the BR we invited around 100 people mostly from the BR but also from Companies in Munich like Signum. The invited people covered the range from editorial stuff to technicans and producers to designers and planners. A number of 30 people could join the event that took place in Studio FM3 in Freimann in the setting of “Wir in Bayern”, a daily talk show, produced for the main television channel of the BR.

At the beginning of the event, the guests were delivered a short introduction to the project, especially to the participants and to the goals. Then the technical team presented different scenarios of usage of the product:

a) collecting and curating social media input

b) presenting the material controlled by iPad

c) the work of the tracker

c) controlling by gestures.

After that, the team answered questions, and the attendees could use the system, especially the curating part with Story and the tracking of gestures.

There was a huge interest in the system, especially in the tracking and gesture part. The principal opinion was, that after some adjustments and further developments, the system can be used in specific productions.