Setanta Sports held an open-doors-day on Tuesday 5th December 2017. The purpose of the open-doors-day was to showcase the Visual Media system to local television industry specialists. We chose these participants based on their knowledge and expertise in their specific fields. Each of the participants has a keen professional interest in how social media content/graphics can be incorporated into traditional live sports television shows.

The participants were greatly impressed with the versatility of the system and in particular the speed with which, social media comments/photos/videos/polls could be collected, filtered and published with minimal operator involvement.

The participants remarked on the impressive quality of the Augmented Reality graphics and how they had a real authentic feel to them.

The participants all agreed that the Visual Media System was cutting-edge technology. They unanimously concluded that traditional live broadcast television shows would in-future incorporate more and more social media content and interaction.

The open-doors-day was a very successful event. It provided us with neutral, independent and impartial feedback on the Visual Media system. The overall reaction from attendees was very positive. All the participants were enthused and stimulated throughout the demonstration.