Being a small newspaper that produce most of the TV– and videoproductions inhouse, it was natural to invite the local journalists, editors and collaborators like Filmprodusentane and NRK (Norwegian broadcasting) to this “Open door” session.

The CEO of Hallingdølen, Ola Stave, started the session informing about what the Visual Media project is, and what role Hallingdølen has in the project.

Mr John Storhaug informed about the tecnical implementation of VM into the platforms we are using.  In general visitors feedback was how easy it was to operate this system and how our little greenscreen studio could be change to a nice and very big studio on the screen. Many of the participants have worked with instagram, but the searchengine from was a suprise for everybody. Very nice and very easy to work with – and this way to show it on the screen was well received.

The Visual Media system has given us the opportunity to communicate with our readers in a totally new way. Hallingdølen is a newspaper – not a television channel, but at our website we experience a lot of new visitors and our web-tv has a lot of new viewers.

We are convinced that the Visual Media platform filled up with the right contents will make a new standard for how small newspapers and local television channels can operate to get more viewers, and especially young viewers.

The system is easy to operate and the results on the screen are excellent, and we believe that VM would be a good solution for education institutions and students.

VM proved that the green screen studio is the right way to move, and has given Hallingdølen a new dimension in how to make good looking television programs.