Following a competitive selection process, VisualMedia is invited to showcase OnMedia at the 14th European Conference on Visual Media Production, held in London, at British Film Institute, during 11-12 December 2017. The conference brought together the members of academia and industry to discuss the latest advances in computer vision, computer graphics and animation; and their applications in the creative industries. VisualMedia was represented by Dr. Evren Imre (University of Surrey) and Ed Abis (Never.No), who demonstrated the camera tracking, interactive 3D graphics and the social media integration technologies developed during the 2-year journey. OnMedia proved to be a popular booth, with the conference attendees picking up how to control the virtual objects within seconds, and Dr. Imre losing his voice over two days of discussing the underlying technology with the audience.

University of Surrey also showcased the new motion capture and the virtual reality content production technologies developed under the InnovateUK-funded projects, Total Capture and ALIVE, respectively.