Following the Brussels meeting in March where the functional specification and requirements were discussed,the technical partners kicked off the scheduled work for working package 3 during an online meeting on April 19. Working package 3 will be led and coordinated by and will run from April 2016 to April 2017.
The objective of working package 3 is to develop the necessary technology for integrating the Social Media Engine with its Real-Time 3D-Graphics Engine and its Online Distribution Engine. As such this working package is delivering and integrating innovative technological ingredients that are key to the success of the project.
In order to guide and distribute the work over all relevant participants, the specifications and requirements from working package 2, as discussed and laid out in Brussels, will be further worked out and rearranged into a workflow management design. This will distribute agreed functional responsibilities over the components of the Visual Media solution architecture. Signum, who were already deeply involved in several tasks of working package 2, is leading this part of the work..
Once the workflow has been specified, the individual technical partners will start working on the implementation of relevant items in the components that they are responsible for, in accordance with the specified functional distribution. This means that Brainstorm enriches the Visual Media Real-Time 3D-Graphics Engine, IRT further develops the Visual Media Online Distribution Engine, while enhances the Visual Media Social Media Engine. In the last phase of this working package, all components will be integrated to form a single functional unit operated from a single interface, ready to be validated against the agreed end-to-end requirements.
Progress meetings will be held on a monthly basis. An on-site workshop has been planned for June in Trondheim and will kindly be hosted by NTNU.