“At Hallingdølen, we have already gained a large audience for our video content. However, I wish to further develop our product for the benefit of both our viewers and our advertisers. The project management at ‘OnMedia’ has underlined the importance of gathering experience through small publishing houses like Hallingdølen when developing new software,” says Ola Stave, CEO of Hallingdølen.
Virtual studios

Social media plays an increasingly important role both in the media business and in our everyday lives. Implementing social media in broadcast TV has previously been both challenging and expensive. OnMedia is a platform and tool which makes this possible for both smaller TV-stations and publishing houses such as Hallingdølen. The OnMedia virtual studio lays the ground for two-way communication and interaction with social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Comments and photos can be streamed i.e. in a live TV-show as they’re being posted.

Hallingdølen takes this new platform into use for the first time when producing the December issue of their monthly Videomagazine. In July 2017, Hallingdølen launched a photo contest on Instagram using #hallingsommar and #hallinghaust in order to try out the software provided by OnMedia.
“The Instagram contest has been a success. We have now received a total of 1200 photos from our viewers. It is great to see that so many people are contributing. The quality of the photos is also astonishingly high. The technology provided by OnMedia makes it possible to present the photos in a new and exciting way in our video output,” Stave says.

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Hallingdølen is contributing to the development of OnMedia as a user partner in collaboration with the local video production company, Filmprodusentane AS. The platform itself is developed by Spanish Brainstorm, in close collaboration with a number of TV stations and media houses in Europe, i.e. German TV-giant Der Bayerische Rundfunk.