The TVR team is delighted with the outcome and deliverable of the VisualMedia project. The entire team worked hard to install all the equipment and this challenge was finished successfully.

After the physical installation, the next step was the set-up of the graphics engine. The graphic designers team created a virtual studio with a football field in the background for the Sport Plus show in a dedicated sport studio. TVR are looking forward to testing the marker-based tracking solution.

The social media engine works very well and TVR are still doing tests to understand all the functions it offers.

The TVR team is proud to say that they have already recorded two Sport Plus shows that were broadcast on TVR HD, TVR’s future sports channel. Both shows featured a presenter and a guest. In the first production the subject was the European table tennis title won by Romania’s women team. The Atlantic team of Romania and the crossing of the Black Sea in a rowboat were the topics presented in the second Sport Plus show. In both cases the length of the show was 30 minutes.
In parallel to this, additional tests are being done to present the Sports News program from a virtual studio as well.

The TVR team has also tested the VisualMedia gesture engines based on LeapMotion and Kinect and found LeapMotion to be best suited for their use cases.

Text: Denisa Badea