Attendees of this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas have the opportunity to see a sneak peak of VisualMedia, an integrated solution for realtime 3D visualisation of social content. Brainstorm and are showing a preliminary interface of the product, along with dynamic graphics at the Brainstorm booth in the south lower hall.


visualmedianabshow visualmedianab

For the first time at NAB, visitors can see a demo of how VisualMedia can be used to create visually engaging Social TV content. The solution provides broadcasters the ability to manage diverse social content, preview the output and publish immersive 3D graphics.

VisualMedia is part of the Europe 2020 Horizon framework programme, funded by the European Commission. While the project is still in development, the presence at NAB gives an insight into what the broadcast industry can look forward to upon the project’s completion.

Learn more about VisualMedia at the Brainstorm booth (SL4616) during April 24-27.