We did it! Finally, after time spend on installation, set up and most important of all tests and extra tests, we have our first semi-final video, showcasing VisualMedia’s capabilities.

Our first option was to record a mock-up of the show “Paremvaseis” on which we intend to go live. This practically entailed the proper studio set up with some people acting as presenter and guests and various graphics i.e. the Augmented Reality (AR) Objects to float around.

First, we hit the Social Media Engine… Team of Journalists headed by the presenter of the show (our talent – to use VisualMedia terminology) and the chief editor exchanging opinions on the latest Greek news and how they affect the public feeling. Not very productive, as there were too many of them interested in the new tool and training could not be to the point and hence effective.

We have opted for a shortcut, at least for proving to the consortium, and to ourselves, that we can make it. We have left the journalists team, talent and chief editor behind and we have experimented on the Social Media Engine with the help from the technical partners.

Based on the principle “simple is beautiful” we have decided to use the following Augmented Reality objects from the Graphics Engine:

·       Posts

·       Posts3D

·       Bars (Polls)

Back to the Social Media Engine and mimicking the journalists, we have set up search queries in both twitter and facebook. Following the technical team’s instructions we have chosen searches with history hence we had posts to choose from what to publish in abundance. A poll was also set but we had to use the moderator votes in order to have results that looked nice on screen. This poll was kept for our grand finale.

Content with the data gathered in Social Media Engine (videos, photographs, text) we switched to the Graphics Engine and we left our director in peace. She had to check each and every one of the posts on size, localisation and effects. After some hours spent on it, she finally gave us the green light for the recording session.

Overall we had 1 minute and 34 seconds of recording. While it runs, we have shown approximately 7 posts (using the NEXT button on the Graphics Engine) and we have closed the “show” with the appearance of the poll results in the form of bars (photos included). Have a look to the final video:


The Way forward:

BlueSky’s management is keen to go live at the soonest possible even if there are 4-5 basic graphics appearing. It will be the first time that something similar will be broadcasted in Greece, and the general belief is that it is going to create a sensation. Though we are technically mature for the simple things and the team can support them at a very short notice, VisualMedia has some extra and very promising features that we have not yet had the chance to fully explore. We have made the preliminary tests for both the tracker and the gesture recognition features but they were not used in a production mode.

Hence our plan is twofold.

·       Establish BlueSky’s position in Greece as the leader in 3D real time graphics for its productions by starting broadcasting at the earliest possible (simple schema)

·       Resume and finalise integration with tracker and gesture recognition so as to incorporate them in the live shows.

Text: Eleftheria Vellidou