Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) is the public broadcaster in Bavaria/Germany. BR produces and broadcasts two 24-hour television channels “BR Fernsehen” and “ARD alpha”. Furthermore, BR manages ten analogue and digital radio channels. The Internet platform supports the TV and radio programs. As part of the ARD (Association of Public Broadcasters in Germany) BR contributes to several nationwide TV and radio channels.

BR operates studios in Munich, Unterföhring and Nürnberg, and smaller ones in Würzburg and Regensburg. All over Bavaria, BR provides local news coming from a network of correspondents. Foreign studios provide news from countries in South- and Southeast Europe.

Since several years BR has been producing interactive TV applications. As a technical partner BR supported the design of the HbbTV-platform in 2009 and runs several cases in HbbTV.

BR has joined the Visual Media Project as one of the larger user partners. The integration of social media contacts is growing in nearly all shows on TV. There is a strong suggestion for the journalists to use interactive contacts with the viewers on the screen.

A good example for interactivity is a show for citizens in the BR program “Jetzt red I” which means “Now I am speaking”. This is a two-weekly show that captures actual problems or affairs of this region, broadcast live from different regions in Bavaria by OB.

In the show, an audience of citizens can speak up and ask questions to politicians regarding issues playing in their region or town. Politicians in the audience and in the home studio in Munich can comment and answer. The integration of social media currently takes place by reading the Tweets related to the show, to the audience by a talent.

This workflow requires modernisation and renewal!. The ideas of Visual Media with inserting the Tweets, videos, pictures, etc. on the screen and controlling the whole procedure by gestures from the talent, is an obvious advancement for the show.