– Visual Media Project –

Immersive and Interactive Real Time 3D Social Media  Graphics Environments for the Broadcast Industry

The vision in project VisualMedia is to go beyond current state-of-the-art by implementing content generated through social media with real-time 3D graphics capabilities, specifically developing a fully integrated solution for the broadcast media sector, together with advanced interaction and visualisation systems.

Project VisualMedia is a response to an express need from creative industries in the broadcast media sector for new, innovative ways to engage and involve their audiences. Broadcasters and other content developers recognise the demand for improved user engagement. The increasing popularity of social media channels, when combined with 3D and augmented reality technologies, offers an innovative approach to meeting this demand.

VisualMedia will provide broadcasters with the capability to manage complex and diverse data streaming in through the wide range of social media channels, and to translate this data into engaging interactive content for a better consumer experience.


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